Elasticsearch on Azure

Topic: Join us in this session to hear from Elastic – creators of Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, and Beats about how Elastic can help you add the power of a Search Platform to your Azure environment.

In this demo heavy-session Hemant Malik, Principal Solutions Architect from Elastic will dive into:
• Elastic’s native integration into Azure
• Using Elastic on Azure for Enterprise Search, Observability, and more
• Getting started with Elastic on Azure

Presenter Bio:
Hemant Malik is a Partner Solutions Architect for Elastic, based out of the Greater Seattle Area. Hemant has been working with users of Elastic since 2017. Before Elastic, Hemant worked at Oracle, where he focused on helping users integrate applications, services, data, and humans into their business processes.

When: Oct 11th – 6:PM EST

Microsoft Teams Link : https://aka.ms/CentralOhioAzureMeetup