April 2018 Meetup

For the Monday, April 9th meetup, we will be joined Microsoft Azure MVP and Kentico Technical Evangelist, Bryan Soltis. Brian will be showing us how to leverage Azure Search to enhance our web applications.

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Title: It’s 2018. Why aren’t you using Azure Search?

Description: Open up your website. Click Search. Tell me, do you like what you see? Are you BLOWN AWAY at the functionality? Does it return the exact results you were looking for, and let you customize what you see? I’m betting that there’s more than a little room for improvement. Don’t worry, most people are in the same boat. What if I told you could build amazing search experiences with just a little bit of code – all backed by Microsoft’s Cloud? By implementing Azure Search into your sites, you can quickly provide result faceting, inline highlighting, synonym mapping, and even customized text analyzers. My name is Bryan Soltis and I’m a technical Evangelist and Kentico and Microsoft Azure MVP. In this session, I’m going to introduce you to this often-overlooked cousin of the Azure family and show you how to build some amazing search solutions. And maybe a few Simpsons quotes along the way…

Bio: Bryan Soltis is a Technical Evangelist at Kentico and Microsoft Azure MVP. With nearly 20 years of web development experience, Bryan has completed projects for Microsoft, IMG, HP, and other Fortune 500 companies. A former Azure VTSP, Bryan has developed numerous applications with Microsoft’s cloud and Kentico, including custom software development, integrated solutions, and globally-available enterprise applications. As a Technical Evangelist, Bryan enjoys working with the development community and educating developers on best practices, new technologies, and utilizing .NET, Azure, and Kentico to their fullest potentials. And he really likes beer.

Bryan Soltis
Technical Evangelist
Microsoft Azure MVP

March 2018 Meetup

For the Monday, March 12th meetup, we will be joined by experts from Cardinal Solutions as they share experiences with real-world Azure-based solutions. If you’re curious to learn how one of the top Azure partners is solving real customer problems using Azure technologies, this will be a great session.

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Title: From the Front Lines in the Azure Cloud

Abstract: Ever wonder what other companies are doing in Azure? What business problems they’re solving, and what technologies they’re using? If so, then this session is for you! This is a series of 5 to 10-minute lightning talks covering real-world, in-progress Azure projects. Each lightning talk will cover the following:
– Who is the company and what do they do?
– What’s the biz problem?
– What staff/roles are involved?
– How is the team addressing the biz problem?
– What Azure tech is involved?
– Were there any lessons learned?

We have about a dozen lightning talks lined up, across a wide range of industries and technologies. We’ll cover as many as we can fit in 60-90 minutes. Be sure to bring your interest and your questions!

This meetup is sponsored by Cardinal Solutions.

February 2018 Meetup

Welcome to the first Central Ohio Azure meetup of 2018!  Finally!!!

For the Monday, February 12th meetup, we will be joined once again by Michael Meadows for what is sure to be an enlightening discussion on security and machine learning. Following Michael’s session, we’ll have an open Azure Q&A period. Bring your questions!

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Title: Risk Adaptive Application Security Using Machine Learning

Abstract: Policy-based authorization allows developers to implement rules-based authorization that extends far beyond role validation. This pattern is an important part of an approach called Risk Adaptive Access Control (RADAC). One RADAC strategy that is enabled by policy-based authorization is leveraging machine learning to authorize actions based on behavior patterns as well as environmental factors. This allows developers to implement non-functional security features such as recognizing when critical data is being scraped by a script or a user manipulating data in a suspicious manner. In this session, we will review the concepts behind RADAC, and show real-world scenarios where it can be applied using Azure Machine Learning and policy-based authorization in ASP.Net Core MVC.

Presenter: Michael Meadows

Michael has been a professional programmer and architect for fifteen years, and a hacker for much longer. He has served as architect on multiple large-scale, cloud-based, highly regulated application and infrastructure projects. Additionally, Michael has extensive experience building high volume, processor intensive business logic applications using distributed architectures. He is a developer at PriorAuthNow, where he does cool stuff with Service Fabric.

December Holiday Party / Meetup

Columbus OH has 4 major User Groups focused on Microsoft technologies:

Again this year, all 4 User Groups come together for an EPIC Christmas Party!

What’s in store – Networking | Board Games | Ping Pong | Holiday Spirit. Oh, and great Food & Drinks! And what’s a Holiday Party without some great Prizes? Thanks to our sponsors, we’ll be raffling off the following:

  • Amazon Echo Plus
  • Amazon Echo Spot
  • Raspberry Pi 3
  • Phillips Hue Starter Kit

And more to come!!

Cardinal Solutions Group


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Your $5 registration fee  earns you 1 ticket toward the prize raffle. To increase your chances of winning you can “purchase” additional tickets ($5 each) by helping us support local charities. Proceeds from the registration fees, as well as cash contributions, go to TechCorps. We would also encourage you to donate toys to OSU’s Toy Adaptation Program and food to the Mid-Ohio Food Bank. Bring your receipts for toy and food donations to exchange for raffle tickets ($5 per ticket). See the list of approved/adaptable toys below, and visit the list of suggested food donations. Let’s spread the love this Holiday Season!

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October 2017 Meetup

For the Monday, October 9th meetup, we will be joined by Ryan Miller for a discussion on building an Alexa Skill using Azure Functions. Please join us on Monday, October 9th for what is sure to be a very entertaining and information meeting.  Bring your questions!

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Abstract: I have an 11-year-old child and a 14-year-old child and I’ve discovered a real pattern with the speech of these two. Unfortunately, sometimes they aren’t around because they’re at school or maybe off at camp. In those times, I have no one around to tell me how much everything sucks. That got me thinking, “Some poor folks don’t even have a teenager in the house. How would they know that everything sucks?” With the proper skill, Alexa can help them out.

In this session, we’ll see what it takes to build an Alexa Skill called Teenage Daughter. The code is C# and the service host is Azure Functions. We’ll cover Custom Slots, Intent Schema, Utterances, and Testing; we’ll delve into Azure functions and how to create multiple environments to keep our production instance separate from development instance; and we’ll cover any other tips and tricks that I’ve learned while creating my Teenage Daughter, which can be found at https://github.com/Intranoggin/AlexaFunctions.

Presenter: Ryan Miller – Principal Consultant, Cardinal Solutions

I am a Solutions Architect with over fifteen (15) years of professional experience. I enjoy building enterprise solutions because those solutions affect change in an organization that can have a long term, positive impact on employees and customers. For the last decade of my career, I have been helping clients design and build enterprise web solutions efficiently on SharePoint and .NET. It can be a challenge to create robust solutions that seamlessly blend out-of-the-box platform capabilities with custom .NET features, and integrate them with other systems. The rapid growth in utilization of Microsoft’s Commercial Cloud (Office365 & Azure) has made these software challenges even more exciting because the available cloud resources are so diverse and extensive. I learned early on in my career that creating the right application can transform the way an enterprise works and have long lasting impacts. As an intern, I created an application for a local manufacturing company to electronically enter and track ISO 9000 & QS9000 documentation. As information became untethered from its filing cabinet, Engineers and Quality Assurance teams who once begrudgingly filled out the required paperwork and filed it, were suddenly collaborating around data that was accessible, discoverable, and pliable. Some years later, I had graduated, gotten married, moved to Boston, bought a bulldog, moved back to Columbus, and had my first child. I had transitioned through 3 different jobs in 2 states and other major life events and then found that this application was still in use and had become a key system for every product being produced out of this manufacturing facility. I was humbled by the application lifecycle and the durability of software in the enterprise. The experience underscored my belief that creating enterprise applications is an opportunity to cause long term business transformations that warrants a real investment in thought.

September 2017 Meetup

For the Monday, September 11th meetup, we will once again be joined by Neudesic’s Chad Thomas for a discussion on Service Fabric. Chad joined us in May for an introductory look at Service Fabric. This month he’ll share his guidance and experiences on building real-world solutions with Service Fabric. Please join us on Monday, September 11th for what is sure to be a great discussion. Bring your questions!

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The Central Ohio Azure group would like to thank Neudesic for once again sponsoring our meetup!

Abstract: Service Fabric is the foundational technology powering core Azure infrastructure as well as other Microsoft services such as Skype for Business, Dynamics 365, Cortana, Azure SQL Database, and many more.  Service Fabric solves the hard distributed systems problems such as reliability, scalability, management, and latency, so you can focus on building applications.

At the May meetup, we discussed Service Fabric’s architecture, use cases, and many of the problems it alleviates.  This month, we’ll dive a bit deeper and build a representative Service Fabric application that highlights Service Fabric’s programming models.  You will see how to use Reliable Services and Reliable Actors to build a solution. You will learn the pros and cons of each, and guidance on selecting the model for your solution.  We’ll wrap up by discussing exciting new features in Service Fabric, including using Service Fabric for hosting Docker containers on Linux or Windows and running them alongside other workloads.

Presenter: Chad Thomas – Director of Technology, Neudesic

Chad Thomas is Director of Technology for Neudesic’s Digital Platform service line, spanning mobile, web, architecture, and cloud. He and his team help companies transition from Agile to Continuous, from monoliths to microservices, and ultimately from incremental improvement to innovation at scale. Azure is a big part of Neudesic’s strategy and they are very excited about the Service Fabric.
Even when Chad is not working, technology is deeply engrained in his daily life. Currently, that manifests itself in the form of modernist cuisine, sous vide immersion cookers, and digital electric smokers. If anybody wants to start an open-source autonomous electric vehicle project, hit him on Twitter or LinkedIn.

August 2017 Meetup

For the Monday, August 14th meetup, we will be discussing one of the hottest topics in cloud computing – serverless computing.  We’ll be joined by Andrej Kyselica (Cloud Solution Architect, Microsoft) and Pete Roden (Azure App Dev Black-Belt, Microsoft) as they share their insights and experiences on this fast-moving topic.  Please join us on Monday, August 14th for what is sure to be a great discussion. Bring your questions!

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In today’s cloud enabled world, businesses are solving for maximum efficiency and faster time to market, while reducing IT spend.  Over the years we have seen businesses evolve from spinning VMs to leveraging the benefits of PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) cloud such as managed infrastructure, scalability, high availability, and cost.  Today, more businesses are trying to solve for what is core to their business focus – delivering services faster to their customers, while reducing IT spend significantly. The answer comes in the form of Serverless application platform.

Serverless lets businesses maximize their benefits of the PaaS cloud by offering a fully managed infrastructure, with no servers to manage, provision and patch; hence reducing management overhead significantly. The event triggered programming model, allows for continuous auto-scaling and micro billing capabilities. Event-triggered compute and event-triggered scaling allows businesses to pay only for the compute power that was used, depending on the size of the workload.

For the Microsoft Azure platform, the center of the Serverless platform is Azure Functions. Azure Functions is an event-based Serverless compute experience that helps you accelerate your development. The run time is open. Function code can be executed in a VM or somewhere else, either on-premises or in the cloud.

In this session, we’ll discuss the benefits of Serverless computing in general, and deep-dive into building solutions leveraging Azure Function. We’ll specifically focus on the following areas:

• Functions Runtime and Visual Studio tooling

• Serverless architecture patterns

• Advanced scenarios like CI/CD, proxies, monitoring

• Creative use cases like scaling compute and easily connecting components within the cloud

To wrap up the session, we’ll look at Azure Container Instances – one of the newest ways to run container-based solutions in Azure.  Which, depending on how you want to define “serverless”, containers can fit into that area as well.

Meeting Sponsor:

Thank you to Microsoft for sponsoring the August meetup!



Andrej Kyselica – Cloud Solution Architect, Microsoft

Andrej works with large organizations helping them make their journey to the public cloud, focusing on applications, IOT and infrastructure. In his spare time he enjoys building things in bits and atoms . . . mostly web apps and electronics.






Pete Roden – Azure App Dev Black-Belt, Microsoft

Pete Roden is an Azure Solution Architect for Microsoft working side-by-side with strategic enterprise customers helping them leverage Azure to design and implement cloud-scale solution. His focus areas include Application development, Bot and Cognitive Services, as well as IoT for large-scale applications.

July 2017 Meetup

For the Monday, July 10th meetup, we will be providing a whirlwind tour of the newest and hottest new features and services in the Azure platform. Nick Martin and Vince Fabro will lead the discussions. If you have something new you would like to share, please let us know and you can do so.  Please join us on Monday, July 10th for what is sure to be a great discussion. Bring your questions!

Please RSVP today (helps us get the right amount of food & drinks)

Title: What’s New in Azure Today?!

Abstract:  Innovation in the cloud happens at a lightning pace. Features available today look vastly different than a few months ago and new or updated services seem available every time you open the Azure Portal. During this session, we’ll review many of the new Microsoft Azure features since BUILD 2017, and explore some of the new functionality now available via the Azure APIs and tooling updates.

Some new items on the list to discuss include:

• Azure Managed Disks

• New features in ARM Templates

• IoT Hub Routes

• Azure Database for MySQL and PostgreSQL

• Cosmos DB


Nick Martin is a principal consultant at Cardinal Solutions, with 12 years of experience developing and architecting enterprise applications. Nick is passionate about helping clients get the most out of their software development efforts through following best practices and agile processes. When not honing his craft, Nick enjoys travelling with his family, going on gastronomic adventures, and occasionally pretending he can cook.

Vince Fabro is the Practice Manager of the Enterprise Microsoft Solutions practice at Cardinal Solution’s Columbus, Ohio, branch. Vince loves building things and fixing things, and working with teams to achieve success. He’s been applying those passions to the IT industry for well over 20 years now – the past 20 as a consultant wearing many hats (developer, trainer, architect, mentor, manager). As a former certified trainer he has enjoyed training hundreds of students, and has presented technology topics at IT conferences and user groups for many years. Vince has specialized in Microsoft’s .NET technology stack for more than a decade now, and is always striving to learn more effective ways to build applications that solve challenging IT problems. For the past few years Vince has focused on cloud computing, specifically Microsoft Azure. Vince attended The Ohio State University to earn both his Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and his Master of Science degree in Biomedical Engineering. He thoroughly enjoys his work, as well as hiking, bicycling, and traveling with his family.

Meeting Sponsor:


June 2017 Meetup

For the June 12th meetup, we are thrilled to welcome Paul McBratney from Alert Logic as the featured speaker.  Paul will share his experiences and insights into a very common topic when it comes to cloud computing – security. Please join us on Monday, June 12th for what is sure to be a great discussion. Bring your questions!

Please RSVP today (helps us get the right amount of food & drinks)

Title: Security in the Cloud, how Cloud is Changing Security

Abstract: Do you know if your workloads are secure? Do you have the same security and compliance coverage across all of the cloud platforms and datacenters running your critical applications? Are you having to design your security framework each time you deploy to a new region or datacenter? Whether you’re working exclusively on Azure or with multiple cloud environments, there are certain things you should consider when moving assets to the public cloud. As with any cloud deployment, security is a top priority, and moving your workloads to the cloud doesn’t mean you’re not responsible for the security of your operating system, applications and data. Building on the security of the Azure infrastructure, this shared security responsibility starts with making sure your Azure environment is secure.

In this session, we will discuss step-by-step what you need to do to secure access at the administrative, application and network layers. We will review:

• The Azure Shared Security Model: What security you are responsible for to protect your content, application, systems and networks

• Best practices for how to protect your Azure environment from the latest threats

• Learn how traditional security approaches may have limitations in the cloud

• How to leverage security tools and services to meet your Azure security responsibilities

Speaker: Paul is a veteran of the IT industry who started in Windows and Network administration with a background in hosting, cloud, colocation, and on premises deployments. He’s supported hotel, franchising and retail environments as well as working with hosting, cloud and security customers across many different verticals.

Meeting Sponsor

Alert Logic has more than a decade of experience pioneering and refining cloud solutions that are secure, flexible and designed to work with hosting and cloud service providers. As one of the nation’s leading cloud security providers, we have the tools and experience that set us apart from other cloud security companies. We focus on delivering a complete solution that lives in the cloud, but is rooted in real expertise.

May 2017 Meetup

For the May 8th meetup, we are thrilled to welcome Chad Thomse as the featured speaker. You may have seen Chad talk about containers earlier this month at the Global Azure Bootcamp – so you know he brings the deep technical expertise and passion! Chad is going to be sharing his insights and experiences on developoing highly scalable and reliable services using Service Fabric. Please join us on Monday, May 8th for what is sure to be a great discussion. Bring your questions!

Please RSVP today (helps us get the right amount of food & drinks)

Title: Service Fabric

Abstract: Coming soon!

Speaker:  Chad Thomas is Director of Technology for Neudesic’s Digital Platform service line, spanning mobile, web, architecture and cloud. He and his team help companies transition from Agile to Continuous, from monoliths to microservices, and ultimately from incremental improvement to innovation at scale. Azure is a big part of Neudesic’s strategy and they are very excited about the Service Fabric.
Even when Chad is not working, technology is deeply engrained in his daily life. Currently, that manifests itself in the form of modernist cuisine, sous vide immersion cookers, and digital electric smokers. If anybody wants to start an open-source autonomous electric vehicle project, hit him on Twitter or LinkedIn.