Here is the current COAzure schedule of events:


07/10/2017Nick Martin and Vince FabroWhat’s New in Azure?!Meetup Registration

01/19/2017 Michael Collier Containers for Windows Developers Meetup Registration
02/13/2017 Nick Martin From Inception to Market: An Azure IoT Story Meetup Registration
03/13/2017 Chris Steele From noob to dangerous: The story of a team’s first large-scale project on Azure Meetup Registration
05/08/2017 Chad Thomas Azure Service Fabric – Introduction Meetup Registration
06/12/2017 TBD Cloud Security Meetup Registration
07/10/2017 Nick Martin & Vince Fabro What’s New in Azure?! Meetup Registration



Date Speaker Topic Notes
03/14/2016 John Dages Sports Betting with Azure Machine Learning  Meetup Registration
04/11/2016 Vince Fabro Getting Started with IoT  Meetup Registration
05/09/2016 Brian Sherwin Microsoft Azure – The 50,000 Foot View

Azure Architecture Q&A

 Meetup Registration
06/13/2016 Brian Jackett Running Your Dev / Test VMs in Azure for Cheap

Azure Architecture Q&A

 Meetup Registration
07/11/2016 Keith Mayer Networking for Cloud Architects

Azure Architecture Q&A

Meetup Registration
08/08/2016 David Benedic Azure Resource Manager

Azure Architecture Q&A

Meetup Registration
09/12/2016 Kiff Kammur Building Microservices using Azure Service Fabric Meetup Registration
10/10/2016 Nick Martin Solution Architecture: Hands-on Meetup Registration
11/14/2016 Michael Meadows Making Development Great Again: Azure App Services Meetup Registration
12/19/2016 Holiday Party