March Meetup – Azure Automation and Log Analytics

For the March 9th meetup we welcome a long-time member of the group, Matt Richardson.

Please RSVP for the meetup so we can best plan for food and drinks!

Title: Azure Automation and Log Analytics

Abstract: Nobody loves supporting a system that is a complete black box where every issue is a detective story to figure out what is going on and a stressful engineering effort to re-learn how to recover. Discover how to use Azure Automation, Log Analytics, and related services to monitor, maintain, and remediate issues in your Azure cloud environment. Developers will gain a deeper understanding of how they can build observability and resiliency through automated remediations into their systems. Operations will learn how to use those same tools to achieve a comprehensive understanding of what’s happening under the covers and generally rely on the system taking care of itself, or build out new automated remediations as new scenarios are uncovered.

Speaker Bio: Matt is the Lead Cloud Architect for Re:Sources with 28 years of IT experience. Re:Sources is a subsidiary Publicis Groupe. Publicis Groupe is the 2nd largest Advertising company in the world, based out of Paris, France. Matt started his cloud journey in 2010 with AWS. Since then, he has done major datacenter consolidations by migrating virtual servers and related resources to Azure, as well as managing and championing the transformation to serverless for his company. Today, Matt’s main focus is cloud enablement and helping subsidiaries of Publicis Groupe migrate workloads to the cloud.

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