August 2017 Meetup

For the Monday, August 14th meetup, we will be discussing one of the hottest topics in cloud computing – serverless computing.  We’ll be joined by Andrej Kyselica (Cloud Solution Architect, Microsoft) and Pete Roden (Azure App Dev Black-Belt, Microsoft) as they share their insights and experiences on this fast-moving topic.  Please join us on Monday, August 14th for what is sure to be a great discussion. Bring your questions!

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In today’s cloud enabled world, businesses are solving for maximum efficiency and faster time to market, while reducing IT spend.  Over the years we have seen businesses evolve from spinning VMs to leveraging the benefits of PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) cloud such as managed infrastructure, scalability, high availability, and cost.  Today, more businesses are trying to solve for what is core to their business focus – delivering services faster to their customers, while reducing IT spend significantly. The answer comes in the form of Serverless application platform.

Serverless lets businesses maximize their benefits of the PaaS cloud by offering a fully managed infrastructure, with no servers to manage, provision and patch; hence reducing management overhead significantly. The event triggered programming model, allows for continuous auto-scaling and micro billing capabilities. Event-triggered compute and event-triggered scaling allows businesses to pay only for the compute power that was used, depending on the size of the workload.

For the Microsoft Azure platform, the center of the Serverless platform is Azure Functions. Azure Functions is an event-based Serverless compute experience that helps you accelerate your development. The run time is open. Function code can be executed in a VM or somewhere else, either on-premises or in the cloud.

In this session, we’ll discuss the benefits of Serverless computing in general, and deep-dive into building solutions leveraging Azure Function. We’ll specifically focus on the following areas:

• Functions Runtime and Visual Studio tooling

• Serverless architecture patterns

• Advanced scenarios like CI/CD, proxies, monitoring

• Creative use cases like scaling compute and easily connecting components within the cloud

To wrap up the session, we’ll look at Azure Container Instances – one of the newest ways to run container-based solutions in Azure.  Which, depending on how you want to define “serverless”, containers can fit into that area as well.

Meeting Sponsor:

Thank you to Microsoft for sponsoring the August meetup!



Andrej Kyselica – Cloud Solution Architect, Microsoft

Andrej works with large organizations helping them make their journey to the public cloud, focusing on applications, IOT and infrastructure. In his spare time he enjoys building things in bits and atoms . . . mostly web apps and electronics.






Pete Roden – Azure App Dev Black-Belt, Microsoft

Pete Roden is an Azure Solution Architect for Microsoft working side-by-side with strategic enterprise customers helping them leverage Azure to design and implement cloud-scale solution. His focus areas include Application development, Bot and Cognitive Services, as well as IoT for large-scale applications.