March Meetup – Azure Automation and Log Analytics

For the March 9th meetup we welcome a long-time member of the group, Matt Richardson.

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Title: Azure Automation and Log Analytics

Abstract: Nobody loves supporting a system that is a complete black box where every issue is a detective story to figure out what is going on and a stressful engineering effort to re-learn how to recover. Discover how to use Azure Automation, Log Analytics, and related services to monitor, maintain, and remediate issues in your Azure cloud environment. Developers will gain a deeper understanding of how they can build observability and resiliency through automated remediations into their systems. Operations will learn how to use those same tools to achieve a comprehensive understanding of what’s happening under the covers and generally rely on the system taking care of itself, or build out new automated remediations as new scenarios are uncovered.

Speaker Bio: Matt is the Lead Cloud Architect for Re:Sources with 28 years of IT experience. Re:Sources is a subsidiary Publicis Groupe. Publicis Groupe is the 2nd largest Advertising company in the world, based out of Paris, France. Matt started his cloud journey in 2010 with AWS. Since then, he has done major datacenter consolidations by migrating virtual servers and related resources to Azure, as well as managing and championing the transformation to serverless for his company. Today, Matt’s main focus is cloud enablement and helping subsidiaries of Publicis Groupe migrate workloads to the cloud.

June 10th Meetup

For Monday, June 10th meetup we will welcome Michael Timmers from Pivotal Software. As a Platform Architect at Pivotal Software, Michael will provide insights on how large organizations are able to leverage the combined strengths of Pivotal Cloud Foundry and Azure. If you’ve ever been curious about Pivotal Cloud Foundry and Azure, this is your chance to learn!

Please RSVP for the meetup so we can best plan for food and drinks!

Title: Running Pivotal Cloud Foundry with Azure
Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) is a software based PaaS that is powering some of the largest organizations in the world such as Comcast, Liberty Mutual, Kroger, and many others. Please join us as we explore how extending PCF capability into Azure will significantly broaden its value by taking advantage of Azure native services. Through the partnership between Microsoft and Pivotal, a service broker has been developed to allow for seamless implementation to realize immediate value. Some of the services available through PCF include:

* Azure Storage
* Azure Redis Cache
* Azure DocumentDB
* Azure Service Bus
* Azure Event Hubs
* Azure SQL Database
* Azure SQL Database Failover Group (preview)
* Azure Database for MySQL (preview)
* Azure Database for PostgreSQL (preview)
* Azure CosmosDB

Speaker Bio: Michael Timmers – Experienced Platform Architect – Transforming How The World Builds Software – by working with teams in large enterprises adopting a cloud native approach.

November Meetup

For the November 14th meetup we are excited to welcome Michael Meadows as the featured speaker. Michael will be sharing guidance onone of the most popular Azure services, Azure App Service.This should be a great session to learn more the many features that can speed development and improve management for your cloud-hosted applications.

As in past months, following Michael’s session, we will once again hold an open architecture Q&A session. This is a time set aside for the attendees to discuss ideas or questions about Azure – a time to ask the “Can or How do I do X with Azure?” question.

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Making Development Great Again: Azure App Services
Abstract: In the past few years, Microsoft has invested in building out a robust application Platform as a Service (PaaS) architecture. Under the umbrella of App Services, Azure is able to simplify many of the boilerplate aspects of application development. From authorization/authentication to WebJobs, App Services allow you to focus on developing quality services. This talk provides a high level review of the features currently available, focusing on a few features for hands-on demonstration.
Speaker Bio: Michael has been a professional programmer and architect for fourteen years, and a hacker for much longer. He has served as architect on multiple large-scale, cloud-based Line-of-Business implementation projects. Additionally, Michael has extensive experience building high volume, processor intensive business logic applications using distributed architectures. He is a Director at Fusion Alliance where he is the Enterprise Architecture Competency Manager.

October 2016 Meetup

Join us for our first hands-on COAzure meeting.

Solution Architecture: Hands-on

The goal of this meetings activity will be to learn more about the various Azure services, and how to use them together to architect a solution in Azure. Well provide a case study and application/system requirements, and then youll work as teams to research various Azure services and decide how to use those to propose an architecture for the system.

Each team will have a little over an hour to come up with its solution architecture, drawing them up on large sheets of paper. Well have experienced Azure architects available to answer questions and provide guidance. Bring your laptop so you can research the many available services. We’ll end the meeting with each team sharing its solution with the whole group, and then review the actual architecture that was implemented in Azure.

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**You do not have to be experienced with all the Azure services, just interested in learning.**

Of course there is plenty to learn about the variety of service options available. Heres a portion of what there is to choose from that might be utilized in your architecture:

Speaker / Lead Facilitator: The Azure solution architecture workshop will be led by Nick Martin.Nick is a principal consultant at Cardinal Solutions, with 12 years of experience developing and architecting enterprise applications. Nick is passionate about helping clients get the most out of their software development efforts through following best practices and agile processes. When not honing his craft, Nick enjoys travelling with his family, going on gastronomic adventures, and occasionally pretending he can cook.

September Meetup

For the September meetup we are very excited to welcome Kiff Kammur as the featured speaker. Kiff will be sharing guidance on microservices and Azure Service Fabric.This should be a great session to learn more about a very hot architecture pattern in microservices, and one of Azure’s newest and intriguing services.

As in past months, following Kiff’s session, we will once again hold an open architecture Q&A session. This is a time set aside for the attendees to discuss ideas or questions about Azure – a time to ask the “Can or How do I do X with Azure?” question.

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Title: Building Microservices using Azure Service Fabric

Abstract:Azure Service Fabric is a relatively new and very cool technology in the Azure ecosystem. The core technology isnt really new, because its actually the technology Microsoft used to build Azure PaaS services such as SQL Database and DocumentDB. Wouldnt you like to build apps/services that perform and scale like native Azure services? First youll have to learn how to architect cloud-native apps with microservices. This session will give an overview of microservices and demonstrate how to build scalable and reliable microservice-based apps using Azure Service Fabric. We will discuss the architecture, packaging & deployment, and scaling of microservices using Azure Service Fabric. Service Fabric runs pretty close to the metal, so this session will be particularly interesting to application architects and developers, as well as infrastructure architects

Speaker Bio: Kiff Kammur is the Practice Leader of Cloud Services and SOA/Integration at ICC. Kiff has developed and architected solutions over a decade using Java, IBM Integration and Microsoft technologies for multiple clients in different industries such as banking, healthcare, manufacturing, and travel. Kiff has a passion and focus on cloud computing technology platforms such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, and IBM Bluemix. Kiff is not only passionate about learning latest technologies and best practices but also passionate about spreading his knowledge to others by giving speeches.

August 2016 Meetup

For the August meetup we are very excited to welcome David Benedic as the featured speaker. David will be sharing guidance and vast experiences in working with Azure Resource Manager. If you’re curious how you can best work with the Azure Resource Manager API, including Resource Manager templates, this is a can’t miss session!

As in past months, following David’s session, we will once again hold an open architecture Q&A session. This is a time set aside for the attendees to discuss ideas or questions about Azure – a time to ask the “Can or How do I do X with Azure?” question.

Please RSVP for Central Ohio Azure meetups via You can find out more info about the Central Ohio Azure group on our web site athttp://www.coazure.organd Twitter at@COAzureUG.

Title: Take control of your cloud with Infrastructure-as-Code

Abstract: Looking to leverage the cloud or already using it today? How do you stand up and maintain your infrastructure? Infrastructure-as-Code is part of the DevOps toolbox that gives developers and sysadmins the power to predictably deploy and maintain secure infrastructure to the cloud. Well take a dive into the reasons, resources, tools, and workflows available today in Azure that empower you to simplify your cloud infrastructure. Therell be containers! DevOps-y stuff! and internet memes! Youll leave the session with an understanding of the benefits of moving your infrastructure to the cloud and the confidence to take control of it.

Speaker Bio: By day, David Benedic is a mild-mannered consultant at Cardinal Solutions Group in Columbus, Ohio. By night, well, he has two young kids, so mostly superhero Dad stuff but when he does get free time, he likes to create things .. things that involve software and technology. Find David @davidbenedic |