October 2016 Meetup

Join us for our first hands-on COAzure meeting. 

Solution Architecture: Hands-on

The goal of this meeting’s activity will be to learn more about the various Azure services, and how to use them together to architect a solution in Azure.  We’ll provide a case study and application/system requirements, and then you’ll work as teams to research various Azure services and decide how to use those to propose an architecture for the system.

Each team will have a little over an hour to come up with its solution architecture, drawing them up on large sheets of paper.  We’ll have experienced Azure architects available to answer questions and provide guidance.  Bring your laptop so you can research the many available services.  We’ll end the meeting with each team sharing its solution with the whole group, and then review the actual architecture that was implemented in Azure.

Please RSVP via Meetup.com.

**You do not have to be experienced with all the Azure services, just interested in learning.**

Of course there is plenty to learn about the variety of service options available.  Here’s a portion of what there is to choose from that might be utilized in your architecture:

Speaker / Lead Facilitator: The Azure solution architecture workshop will be led by Nick Martin. Nick is a principal consultant at Cardinal Solutions, with 12 years of experience developing and architecting enterprise applications. Nick is passionate about helping clients get the most out of their software development efforts through following best practices and agile processes. When not honing his craft, Nick enjoys travelling with his family, going on gastronomic adventures, and occasionally pretending he can cook.

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