April 2018 Meetup

For the Monday, April 9th meetup, we will be joined Microsoft Azure MVP and Kentico Technical Evangelist, Bryan Soltis. Brian will be showing us how to leverage Azure Search to enhance our web applications.

Please RSVP today (helps to ensure we have the right amount of food & drinks).

Title: Itís 2018. Why arenít you using Azure Search?

Description: Open up your website. Click Search. Tell me, do you like what you see? Are you BLOWN AWAY at the functionality? Does it return the exact results you were looking for, and let you customize what you see? Iím betting that thereís more than a little room for improvement. Donít worry, most people are in the same boat. What if I told you could build amazing search experiences with just a little bit of code Ė all backed by Microsoftís Cloud? By implementing Azure Search into your sites, you can quickly provide result faceting, inline highlighting, synonym mapping, and even customized text analyzers. My name is Bryan Soltis and Iím a technical Evangelist and Kentico and Microsoft Azure MVP. In this session, Iím going to introduce you to this often-overlooked cousin of the Azure family and show you how to build some amazing search solutions. And maybe a few Simpsons quotes along the wayÖ

Bio: Bryan Soltis is a Technical Evangelist at Kentico and Microsoft Azure MVP. With nearly 20 years of web development experience, Bryan has completed projects for Microsoft, IMG, HP, and other Fortune 500 companies. A former Azure VTSP, Bryan has developed numerous applications with Microsoftís cloud and Kentico, including custom software development, integrated solutions, and globally-available enterprise applications. As a Technical Evangelist, Bryan enjoys working with the development community and educating developers on best practices, new technologies, and utilizing .NET, Azure, and Kentico to their fullest potentials. And he really likes beer.

Bryan Soltis
Technical Evangelist
Microsoft Azure MVP