September Meetup

For the September meetup we are very excited to welcome Kiff Kammur as the featured speaker. Kiff will be sharing guidance on microservices and Azure Service Fabric.†This should be a great session to learn more about a very hot architecture pattern in microservices, and one of Azure’s newest and intriguing services.

As in past months, following Kiff’s session, we will once again hold an open architecture Q&A session. This is a time set aside for the attendees to discuss ideas or questions about Azure – a time to ask the “Can or How do I do X with Azure?” question.

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Title: Building Microservices using Azure Service Fabric

Abstract:†Azure Service Fabric is a relatively new and very cool technology in the Azure ecosystem.† The core technology isnít really new, because itís actually the technology Microsoft used to build Azure PaaS services such as SQL Database and DocumentDB.† Wouldnít you like to build apps/services that perform and scale like native Azure services? †First youíll have to learn how to architect cloud-native apps with microservices.† This session will give an overview of microservices and demonstrate how to build scalable and reliable microservice-based apps using Azure Service Fabric. We will discuss the architecture, packaging & deployment, and scaling of microservices using Azure Service Fabric.† Service Fabric runs pretty close to the metal, so this session will be particularly interesting to application architects and developers, as well as infrastructure architects

Speaker Bio: Kiff Kammur is the Practice Leader of Cloud Services and SOA/Integration at ICC. Kiff has developed and architected solutions over a decade using Java, IBM Integration and Microsoft technologies for multiple clients in different industries such as banking, healthcare, manufacturing, and travel. Kiff has a passion and focus on cloud computing technology platforms such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, and IBM Bluemix. Kiff is not only passionate about learning latest technologies and best practices but also passionate about spreading his knowledge to others by giving speeches.

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