May 2018 Meetup

For the Monday, May 14th meetup we will welcome Raymond Ullery back for a full session to provide more insights into migrating a large scale healthcare solution to Azure. You may have seen Raymond present a brief version of this at the March lightning talks. There was a lot of interest in this topic at that time, and we’re thrilled Raymond can join us in May for a more involved session.

Please RSVP at RSVP’ing will help us with logistics, especially getting food and drinks from our most excellent sponsors!

Examination of Azure Migration and Automation Solution for a Large Security Focused and Highly Scalable Healthcare Application.

An in-depth review of the Azure migration strategy and automation implementation for a HIPAA-compliant healthcare broker. The company’s application is a SaaS solution that facilitates collaboration between healthcare providers and recipients. The company’s main goal was to achieve cloud agility for onboarding and scaling of both single and multi-tenant clients. We were tasked with taking the existing on-premises infrastructure and applications and migrating them to the Azure Cloud, automating infrastructure and application deployments, ensuring connectivity between on-premises shared assets as well as client connectivity, and meeting all security compliance requirements laid out by the company’s corporate security team.

Raymond Ullery is a Senior Consultant at Cardinal Solutions. He received his B.S. degree in both Computer Science and Computer Engineering from Wright State University. He has been working with cloud based application deployment for the past 5 years with a focus on large scale SaaS-based applications. His experience includes cloud infrastructure and networking deployments across multiple cloud providers, using the latest automation and DevOps tool sets to enable rapid and efficient delivery. Working at IBM he was a B2B DevOps team lead with a globe-spanning team with members located in US, Ireland, Germany, and China. Most recently as a consultant at Cardinal Solutions he has been working with multiple clients across the United States to deliver cutting edge cloud solutions in Azure.

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