October 2018 Meetup – Security in Azure

For the Monday, October 8th meetup we will welcome Michael Nardone to share his insights on how to effectively secure your Azure networks.  Security, especially in “the cloud”, is one of those hot button topics that gets many people excited.  Some of that excitement is based in legitimate concerns, some is based on FUD. In Michael’s session, he’ll share proven strategies and tools to help you ensure that you are covering the proper security controls when deploying your solutions to Azure.

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Title: Securing Your Azure Networks: Don’t be the next <insert_breach_here>!

Abstract: You’ve been tasked with creating secure compute environments using the tools available to you in the cloud.  The amount of security controls and regulatory requirements that need to be met can be overwhelming.  What are the pertinent details and key aspects of securing your workloads that are unique in Azure?  Let’s take a deep dive with a focus on network security across IaaS and PaaS services in Azure.

Bio: Michael is a Practice Manager for Applications & Infrastructure at Cardinal Solutions. He is a focused Infrastructure professional with experience leading, developing and implementing large scale on-prem and cloud based platforms. Michael is fueled by helping teams break the chains of traditional compute models and stretch to modern architectures in Azure.

June 2017 Meetup

For the June 12th meetup, we are thrilled to welcome Paul McBratney from Alert Logic as the featured speaker. Paul will share his experiences and insights into a very common topic when it comes to cloud computing – security. Please join us on Monday, June 12th for what is sure to be a great discussion. Bring your questions!

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Title:Security in the Cloud, how Cloud is Changing Security

Abstract: Do you know if your workloads are secure? Do you have the same security and compliance coverage across all of the cloud platforms and datacenters running your critical applications? Are you having to design your security framework each time you deploy to a new region or datacenter? Whether youre working exclusively on Azure or with multiple cloud environments, there are certain things you should consider when moving assets to the public cloud. As with any cloud deployment, security is a top priority, and moving your workloads to the cloud doesnt mean youre not responsible for the security of your operating system, applications and data. Building on the security of the Azure infrastructure, this shared security responsibility starts with making sure your Azure environment is secure.

In this session, we will discuss step-by-step what you need to do to secure access at the administrative, application and network layers. We will review:

The Azure Shared Security Model: What security you are responsible for to protect your content, application, systems and networks

Best practices for how to protect your Azure environment from the latest threats

Learn how traditional security approaches may have limitations in the cloud

How to leverage security tools and services to meet your Azure security responsibilities

Speaker:Paul is a veteran of the IT industry who started in Windows and Network administration with a background in hosting, cloud, colocation, and on premises deployments. Hes supported hotel, franchising and retail environments as well as working with hosting, cloud and security customers across many different verticals.

Meeting Sponsor

Alert Logic has more than a decade of experience pioneering and refining cloud solutions that are secure, flexible and designed to work with hosting and cloud service providers. As one of the nations leading cloud security providers, we have the tools and experience that set us apart from other cloud security companies. We focus on delivering a complete solution that lives in the cloud, but is rooted in real expertise.