A New Group is Born!

Welcome to the new Central Ohio Azure user group, or just COAzure for short!

COAzure was born out of the former Central Ohio Cloud Computing User Group (COCCUG). While COCCUG’s mission was to learn about a wide range of cloud computing platforms, COAzure is specifically focused on the Microsoft Azure platform. While we are sad that COCCUG is shutting down, we are thrilled to be bringing a new user group to the Central Ohio market.

As COAzure is a new group, it is getting a new home. COAzure meetings will be held at the Microsoft office in Columbus†located on the north side of Columbus just off Polaris Parkway at 8800 Lyra Drive, Suite 400, Columbus, OH 43240.

One thing from COCCUG is remaining with COAzure – the date and time. COAzure meetings will be held on the second Monday of each month, from 6pm to 8pm.

COAzure is currently being shepherded by Vince Fabro, Nick Martin, Michael Meadows, and Michael Collier. It is our hope that spreading the organization duties across a wider group of people will allow COAzure to be an efficient and effective group for the Azure community.

If you would like to speak at an upcoming COAzure meeting, please contact us and we’ll work to get you on the calendar.

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